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Timeline For Facebook Pages – What You Need To Know

facebook timeline pages -  health care, medical, dental businessAs of  March 30th 2011 all Facebook pages will covert to a new format. If you have a facebook page for your business then this will effect you.

The new Timeline format has been available for people’s personal Facebook pages for a couple of months. The new  Facebook Timeline will be standard for business pages from the end of the month. We have had a chance to play with the features some and some area really great. We have put together a  list of features that we think you need to be aware of. Read the rest of this entry »

Four Questions To Get Great Testimonials

get great testimonials for your health care private practice

get great testimonials for your health care private practice

If you’d like to get more inquiries from your website there are many things you can do.

One that delivers BIG RESULTS is to put more effort into getting better testimonials.

Once you have, use them at your

  • website
  • your blog
  • in your
  • email newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Twitter.

Here are four of our favorite questions.

  1. What solution were you looking for when you hired us?
  2. What did we provide that you valued the most?
  3. What has been the result of working with us?
  4. What would you tell others who might be interested in using us?

You can send these four questions to people via email or set-up a simple form that they can use online to easily fill in.


Join The Private Practice Success Facebook Group

build your private practice with help from the Private Practice Success Facebook Group

Private Practice Success Facebook Group


We have been playing with technology and now are using Mailchimp for our newsltter / blog posts – we hope you enjoy the improvements it bring

We also wanted to let you know that we have an active Facebook Group where we post regular information on :

  • running a private practice
  • using the internet to grow your practice
  • anything that we think you would find helpful!

Have a look,  join the Facebook group and tell us that we think!

Best Wishes,


Grow your private practice – www.intofocus.com.au

Websites for health care and medical professionals – www.wellsites.com.au

Add Your Blogs To A Blog Search Engine

Do you have a blog?

Do you want to attract readers to your blog?

Then a great way is to register your blog with a Blog search engine

Technorati is a blog search engine, and one of the biggest ones out there, indexing over 100 million blogs.  By registering your blog with Technorati, you can use it to make your blog accessible to thousands of people!

To add your blog to Technorati, you need to claim it.

How to register your blog on Technorati

1. Register and login to technorati.com

2. Go to your account by clicking the avatar in the top right hand corner.  At the bottom of the page you have the option to start a blog claim. Let’s enter your blog address and click the “Claim” button.

3. You will be asked to provide some details about your blog and to add categories and tags. Spend some time completing this step; this is how most people will find you.

4. After proceeding to the next step you will be given a code, what Technorati refers to as a claim token. To prove that you are actually the author of the blog you’re claiming, you need to add this code to your RSS feed. The easiest way to do this is to simply cut and paste it into the body of a recent post.

Don’t worry, it won’t take long for the Technorati bots to locate the code, and once they have you can remove it again.

5. That’s it! Blog away.

Networked Blog Link

Social Media For Health Care Professionals

Social Media for Heatlth Professionals

Have you been hearing that you need to be using social media (or social networking) for your practice? Heard people talking about twitter, Facebook and Web.20 but haven’t got a clue what they are talking about let alone how you should use it for your practice? Here is a quick guide to introduce you to the aspects of social media and how you can begin to use it to market your practice

There is a saying that says that the more you give, the more you will receive? This is absolutely true when it comes to understanding how social media marketing can benefit your practice.

Read the rest of this entry »

Great Facebook Articles

Facebook Business Article Links

I have just found this amazing page containing tons of great articles on how to use Facebook for business. It really is well worth a visit!


55 Ideas For Your Twitter Updates

55 Ideas For Your Private Practice Twitter Updates

55 Ideas For Your Private Practice Twitter Updates

I have just found this great list of 55 ideas for Twitter updates from smartcompany and thought you find it useful!

Happy tweeting!


55 ideas for Twitter updates

  • Announcement of sales, specials and discounts
  • Welcome a new staff member
  • Promote a new product line
  • Recruit members for a focus research group
  • Run competitions and giveaways Read the rest of this entry »

The Secret To Happy & Loyal Clients

The Secret To Happy & Loyal Clients

The Secret To Happy & Loyal Clients

One of the key secrets to having happy & loyal clients who refer is to have outstanding customer service. Every private practice that wants to be successful needs to build a trusting relationship with its clients that is built on a professional, personalized service.

No matter how of all the people in your private practice interact with your clients or prospective clients (by phone, email or face to face) make sure that they focus on delivering the same high standard of customer service.

So what does outstanding customer service involve? The following ten points illustrate the basics of developing good relations with your clients:

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How do other health professionals use Twitter?

See how other health professionals are using the power of Twitter.  Check out the most popular at ‘tweets’ at:


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